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 Thanks for the support that has kept us still around in the Covid 19 era


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 Thanks for the support that has kept us still around in the Covid 19 era



New Releases
New 18mm  ACW Additions
Standard Packs

ACW18 – Zouave in Turban                                                     ACW19 – Zouave in Turban Command  

                   ACW47 – Infantry in Greatcoat /Slouch hat      ACW48 - Infantry Command in Greatcoat Slouch Hat

                  ACW49 – Campaign Dress Firing                        ACW50 – Campaign Dress March Attack               

ACW56 – Negro Infantry March Attack                                    ACW59 – Negro Infantry Command        

ACW82 – Raider Cavalry                                                           ACW83 – Dismounted Raider Cavalry   

ACW84 – Raider cavalry Horse holder and Horses                     ACW86 - Rush's Lancers                      


         ACWV02 – Lee Surrendering £5                                        ACWV03 – Chamberlain at Little Round Top £5

ACWV04 - Buford at Gettysburg £4

        ACWD06 – Casualty Station( Surgeon, 2 stretcher bearers and Stretcher, 2 orderlies, Chaplain and 3 casualties) £5

    ACWP01 - Lee, Jackson and Longstreet £4                              ACWP02 - Grant, McClellan and Sheridan £4

New 18mm  Vendeans
Standard Packs
RWV01   Foot with Muskets    RWV02  Foot with Improvised Weapons
RWV03   Foot Command 
Vendeans Improvised Weapons
RWV04  Mounted Vendeans     RWV05  Artillery Crew
RWV06   Generals
Battle Pack
RBP365 – Vendean Foot  ( 60 assorted Foot ) £18
Coming Soon
28mm Spanish Napoleonic Blaze Away Additions
28mm Marlburian Generals
18mm ACW Wagons
others we are working on
Swedish Pike and Russian Dismounted Cavalry
10mm Pony Wars and Foreign Legion 
18mm  Russians 1790’s
18mm Great Northern War
18mm India - Wellington in India


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