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Here as promised is the list of new 18mm Revolutionary Wars, from tomorrow you can pre order with a saving of 20% on current prices, but as our price rise kicks in in February you will save even more.

Pre order offer available up to the 31st January 2019

The list has the discount prices.

The figure/complete range will be released in April, but as each nationality is complete and moulded we will post out to customers the pre order parts

Hopefully at the end of next week we will be able to give you some more samples of the Greens and  each week over the next few weeks to tempt you

 NB We have changed the Russian List to concentrate on the troops in Holland and Italy in the 1790s

18mm Revolutionary

 standard packs £2.08 others as priced

Revolutionary French

RWF01 Marching Infantry

RWF02 Advancing Infantry

RWF03 Firing Infantry

RWF04 French Foot Command £1.60

RWF05 Elite Company Marching

RWF07 Elite Company Firing/Skirmishing

RWF08 Marching Infantry in Tarleton

RWF09 Advancing Infantry in Tarleton

RWF10 Firing Infantry in Tarleton

RWF11 French Foot Command in Tarleton £1.60

RWF12 Legere Marching in Shako

RWF13 Legere Advancing in Shako

RWF14 Legere Firing in Shako

RWF15 Legere Command £1.60

RWF20 Dragoons

RWF22 Hussar

RWF25 Heavy Cavalry/Cuirassiers

RWF30 Artillery Crew

RWF40 Generals



RWA01 Marching Infantry

RWA02 Advancing Infantry

RWA03 Firing Infantry

RWA04 Infantry Foot Command £1.60

RWA05 Grenadiers Advancing

RWA15 Dragoons

RWA16 Hussar

RWA20 Artillery Crew

RWA25 Generals



RWP01 Marching Infantry

RWP02 Advancing Infantry

RWP03 Firing Infantry

RWP04 Infantry Foot Command £1.60

RWP05 Grenadiers Advancing

RWP15 Dragoons

RWP16 Hussar

RWP20 Artillery Crew

RWP25 Generals



RWR01 Marching Infantry

RWR02 Advancing Infantry

RWR04 Infantry Foot Command £1.60

RWR05 Grenadiers Advancing

RWR06 Fusiliers Advancing

RWR07 Jager

RWR14 Hussars

RWR17 Cossacks

RWR18 Dismounted Cossacks

RWR20 Artillery Crew

RWR25 Generals


Vendean Rebels

RWV01 Foot with Muskets

RWV01 Foot with Pikes/Improvised Weapons

RWV03 Foot Command £1.60

RWV04 Mounted Vendean

RWV05 Artillery Crew

RWV06 Generals


Each battle pack is priced at £12

RBP300 French Infantry in Bicorne Advancing/Firing

RBP301 French Infantry in Bicorne Marching

RBP302 French Infantry in Tarleton Advancing/Firing

RBP303 French Infantry in Tarleton Marching

RBP304 French Legere Infantry in Shako Advancing/Firing

RBP305 French Legere Infantry in Shako Marching

RBP306 French Cavalry Hussar and Dragoon

RBP307 French Heavy Cavalry/Cuirassiers

ARP210 French Artillery and Crew

RBP320 Austrian Infantry in Bicorne Advancing/Firing

RBP321 Austrian Infantry in Bicorne Marching

RBP322 Austrian Cavalry Hussar and Dragoon

ARP211 Austrian Guns and Crew

RBP330 Prussian Infantry Advancing/Firing

RBP330 Prussian Infantry Marching

RBP331 Prussian Cavalry Dragoon and Hussar

ABP212 Prussian Guns and Crew

RBP340 Russian Infantry Advancing/Firing

RBP241 Russian Infantry Marching

RBP242 Russian Grenadier Battalions and Jagers

RBP243 Russian Hussars

PBP244 Russian Cossacks

ABP213 Russian Guns and Crew

RBP250 Vendean Infantry
















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