10th March 2015

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   Its been many months since my last blog, work etc. got in the way, but back and regular updates etc. will follow, we have just been to the WMMMs in Aldersley ( Wolverhampton), apart from a few hiccups, but the show was better than last year, we carried more of our 28mm stock inc the Marlburian range - we are just going to add a Mounted Dragoon in the next few days, and our next WW1 Eastern Front the Russians and Serbs are out at the end of the week, with the Austrian and Montenegrins for Salute.

   As we are now facing the question of what range to do next so we will be putting up on the site a list of the prospective ranges we would like to produce and again we will offer the 25% discount for pre orders to anyone interested, so watch out and have your say, and one of the ranges will be done first

  On to other figures we, along with S & A Scenics have launched our new 10mm figure company Little Wars Miniatures, our Beau Geste range, soon to be followed by Pony Wars then possibly Revolutionary Wars - Napoleon in Egypt but we are still mulling this over. Go to the site and few the figures www.littlewarsminiatures.co.uk

   Once again getting back into dong more I have just started painting my 28mm Carthaginian army , already I have painted 4 African Heavy Infantry units for the army and have just started the Celt allies, the army will consist of the usual troops types Spanish Scutari(4), Spanish Caetratii 2), Celt War band(4)African Light Infantry (1) these along with the African infantry and the cavalry will make up the 26 units of the army, then there is the republican Roman to do so  a nice project top keep me busy I will post pictures when the units are complete, I will put the African units up on Thursday. I'm looking forward to playing with the armies, I hope you will enjoy seeing it develop hen seeing the games, but like most gamers wondering what next possibly Early Germans, or Dacian?

  Finally I would like to thank all our customers for the support, it is appreciated