1st September 2012 Allan's Blog

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Well its been a long time  so I have a lot to catch up, first an apology for missing the Border Reivers show in Newcastle on the 31st August,  due to circumstances out of my control the van wasn't delivered and it was too late to get another, we managed to get another for the Sunday show in Newark. By all reports the show in Newcastle was a great turn out a well supported show all credit to Rob, I will be there next year as its my home town I was gutted not being there so very sorry.

As you will have noticed our website had some issues but they are resolved and we are pushing on with our new figures.

Out in the next week is the first release of Teutonic knights with a few add on codes later in the following few months, we have also done Anzacs for our WW2 range in greatcoat as requested and these are also available in the next weeks.

A preview of the next up and coming bits are 19th Century Tibetan, and Early Crusader, lots of peasants, priests and knights all hopefully before November.

Thanks for the support of the recent sale its nice to chat re what your interested in and what your painting and planning, I always like to here suggestions, some of these are Sikh wars and other Indian enemies and more British to fight these earlier enemies, a serious contender for next year as we complete the Indian Mutiny range. But don't panic we are adding some of the bits we didn't do  over the next few months - Crimean British Generals and Horse Artillery crew plus Crimean cannon, more naps and 7 yrs. war plus cavalry commands for the  Marlburian and ECW, once again any suggestions drop me an e mail or come for a chat at the shows

On to wargaming my attention has been diverted to one of my favourite periods 7 Years war, I am painting the armies for Kolin, I like to paint to a battle and Kolin is a battle I love to read about, I've already painted around 20 units of foot plus cav and Art, having a temporary stay while I paint some Austrians, got 5 units of grenze done and some Austrian Artillery soon to be on the site. The inspiration is a Seven year war campaign and for those who would like to follow it or just like black powder( those are the rules we are using for the battles) I think you will find it interesting, there are pics of the first battle of the campaign it was between the Swedes and the Russians( ME!) and you can follow my victory  and the other battles and watch the map change the url is http://enduringarguments.blogspot.co.uk/ The Enduring Arguments of Kings

That's about it just back from Newark and tired but I think I have just enough time before I call it a night to be side tracked into stating some Teutonic knights I do think they look good, eeeek so many figures so little time.

I will blog again soon now Ive started I will promise at least once a week to pass on some of the gossip on the campaign, plans for new figures. releases and more,