18th February 2012

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Hi guys just been really busy thanks for all the support, the news is we have our first batch of new figures online some of you will have received an e mail with pictures an a list or check out the preview section on the site, the second batch which will include 15mm Revolutionary French, Austrian and Prussians will be a the end of March.

Also after a long wait we have our restock of FoB2 arriving this week - thanks to all being patient Brent has had servere printing problems, but the really good news is the Scenario book for Piquet - Blunders on the Danube a set of 1809 scenarios is also on its way and Im particularly excited about that.

On the wargame front I am concentrating on Dark ages 15mm, long been interested but now inspired by Piquet and Hail Ceasar I am buiilding 3 armies ( Saxon, Norman and Viking) I will be posting some pictures soon. The figures are basically 4 bases to a unit, burt I wanted to give a shield wall effect so I have increased the number of figures on a base to 8 - 10 foot figures and the depth increased to show an interlocking front with some not so brave guys standing off at the back, the Norman Cavalry are 4 bases of 5 figures per base, they look grat pictures soon.

Thats it for now see you at WMMMs in March