15th Sept 2013

15th September 2013

 After a very busy week we are just putting on line our New 15mm Teutonic Knights and our New 20mm WW2 New Zealanders in Greatcoats, I'm in the middle of painting a few units of the Teutonic's and hopefully pictures will be up in a few weeks. At the moment I'm painting some large 7yrs WAR ARMIES which is very lucky for me as I can mix in some of my Austrian 7yrs War Army at the same time, some pics of Grenze and Kuirassier on line soon.

  Derby is fast flashing forward and busy getting stock up to scratch so if you want any Standard packs or any of our Army packs let me know and we will ensure they are ready for you on the day(s)

  Also a new addition in the next week will be the addition of some more free rules by my good friend Dave Wareham, some WW2, Napoleonic and AWI, I'm hoping to convince him to write some new scenarios and Army lists etc to coincide with the new ranges next year.  Along with the free rules we are hoping to have some in house mods we use when playing some of the more popular rules, so watch this space - or at least the free rules section.

 Finally thanks for the continuing support from everyone, over the next few months we will be releasing more 15mm Napoleonic's, 7yrs War and our addition to our 19th Century Asia range Tibetans, plus some more 25mm Medieval and some 20mm Indian WW2 troops in Greatcoat as requested by people this year, and to that end any suggestions for additions to ranges etc please drop me an e mail we are always planning, I will let you into the new ranges and additions for next year in November


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