27th Septmber2013

Just a short addition to state of the past few weeks, firstly the 15mm Teutonic's are now all in moulds and a release will be posted to all next week and the site will have pics of the miniatures, also the 20mm Australians in greatcoats are rolling of the production line as well.  I'm excited as we have just moulded our new release of 15mm Naps, some are variants for the Jagers but some new Spanish line( grenadiers to follow) are something really special so watch this space for previews in the next week.

The free rules we placed at the beginning of the week are getting a really great response, once again more are planned as well as some helpful rule additions we use to help add a little period flavour to the rules we enjoy, I hope you see them and they inspire you to use them or even make your own?

Well this is the end of a very busy week, we are stocked up loaded in the van and ready to roll tomorrow at a very unhealthy 5am in the morning to go to Derby, I hope some of you will be there and pick up some more miniatures from us, or at least pop along and have a chat, see you at the show

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