7th October 2013

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Thanks for all the support at the World championships, I had a great show, saw and talked to loads of people with some ideas on new ranges and additions, also saw a fab Crimean game using our figures, there will be a gallery folder soon to show the snaps I took

I cant believe only two shows to go this year, Fiasco and Warfare, two good shows and new releases for both, our 15mm Teutonic's  at Fiasco and samples of our 19th century Tibetan, then release of our new Naps and Tibetans at Warfare, such a busy year.

Next year should be busier still some hints are 15mm Early Crusader, our El Cid the Reconquista  some Crimean War additions, more Napoleonic's, more British Colonial and Zulu, our 2nd part Indian Mutiny release and our Sikh wars release and more additions to Marlburian, ECW and 7yrs war hope there is something there to get your interest.

I have nearly painted the first unit of my Teutonic army I will put it up on the Teutonic listing soon, got to base it yet, enjoyed doing it but still wading through my 7yrs War armies, Austrians underway and  inspired by a big painting order decided my Austrian needs Bavarian Allies, sometimes I think I'm mad but these things have got to be done to keep our interest.

The free rules have been popular there are more to follow and some army lists, in the meantime for those of you playing black powder we have some local amendments to add in the next few days, to add what we think as flavour for the various periods we play, so if you have these very playable rules you might want to pop there and have a look see if there for you, or you could pop to warlord and buy a set they are an interesting fun way to spend an afternoon.

That's it for now, finally to add if you want anything for Fiasco or Warfare you might want to order to avoid disappointment, especially the Army packs and standard packs which we don't carry to the shows. Keep gaming  and may all your dice throw a plus