30th October2013

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Another show over and another approaching, thanks again for the support at Fiasco in Leeds, a nice show put on by Leeds wargame club at the Armouries - always worth a visit. The next show is the Reading show - Warfare one of my favourites well worth a visit with everything from a competition to demos, a bring and buy and the trade, lots of parking what more could you want, pop along for a chat and a new army at the show.

New figures are  arriving now, our new 15mm 19th Century Tibetans will be in the Preview section tomorrow hopefully for release in late November - its all go, preparing for the show and looking forward to the figures planned for the New Year.  We are planning on putting the coming soon list of New Figures on the site to show where we are going and hopefully inspire feedback. There are lots of suggestions from people already and next time I'm hoping to share these ideas so if you have any suggestions let me know.

Finally on this short addition to the blog I would like to mention the untimely death of a friend of many many years and so many games, Andrew Birch, he was a character and fanatical wargamer and will be missed, I know most of you wont know him but its a sobering thought we are all getting older so enjoy your gaming and remember the old adage "a wargamer cant die as long as he has a pile of lead to paint" , it would be bad form