19th November 2013

Thanks for the  support at the last show in Reading, the show was a little slow but overall a great weekend talking to everyone and planning the New releases for the early part of 2014, already underway are 15mm Crusades with many more ranges following.

I have been sent lots of pictures of figures painted by you and I am very very grateful, I hope we get many more promised pics for the gallery, its nice to see the different styles of painting and basing, so a big thank you to you all.

With the shows over for this year we are planning a re vamp of the trade stand, the first is our link to S and A Scenics we will be attending more shows and so will Simon, and we will be carrying more stock of each other. The other is a display to show some of our figures painted and much more to help find those elusive packs on the racks, or as a customer called it at Reading the Wall of Temptation lol.

So another year is drawing to an end we have our final releases out in the next week or two, the 15mm Tibetans, Napoleonic Spanish, Prussians, Russians and Austrians plus a smattering of other figures, watch out for the e mail we will send out when the moulds are all complete.

Finally we will be doing some more work on the site and for those wanting the lists of the coming ranges all these will be listed and a few sample miniatures pictured

Once again thanks for the support we have received at the shows or mail order its nice to hear from you and we do try to take in mind all suggested additions to help build those armies, a big thank you from all of us

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