5th January 2014

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   I hope everyone had a great Xmas and New Year and managed to get more than a few games, unfortunately I spent a lot of the time  working as we move into the New Year lots of new figures underway, and things are looking good even if I say so myself, pictures of some of the greens will be in the special offer section in the next week or so.

   If you are interested and thanks to those who have already placed orders contact us before the deadline of the 28th February to save the 25% discount. If this goes well I am hoping to be able to put up our next release, this will be for July and will be more 15mm Napoleon in Egypt, and the first of our WW1 range, we have already been discussing the figures, and I've always wanted a Mamelukes army lots of cavalry - the list we have as a working guide at the moment has 30 variants of cavalry. But don't worry we also are bringing out for July some more Crimean (Marching British Infantry in full uniform and in Greatcoat and Generals), ECW cavalry commands and some new AWI.

   At this point I would like people to put suggestions to us about the figures we are missing from the ranges so we can help complete some of the armies you have on the go or additional enemies I want to  do some more biblical  and am taken with doing a Early Hebrew, or a Mycenaean not decided, but let me know especially as sometimes we miss figures meaning to come back and we forget - its probably my age, your help in an e ,ail would be really appreciated

   More news we are hoping to have some details of a joint project we are working on with S and A Scenics, new figures new period cant say much at the moment but the website will hopefully be ready to go in February so watch this space or wait for the new sites URL at least.

   So that's it just wanted to touch base its been a busy few months and lots of new stuff for the site due and new goodies with plenty offers on the way. one last appeal anyone who has some painted miniatures of ours we can use on the site in the gallery or else where please let us have them, it will be worth your while being a contributor.......

Happy Gaming guys and remember its only a hobby its meant to be fun fun fun