21st January 2014

    Thanks for all the support with our sale, we talked to a lot of you  in the last 6 weeks and got a lot of ideas for new figures and ranges. All the orders are posted or will be tomorrow even those elusive Piquet Pulse of battle have arrived and will be shipped tomorrow - thanks for all those who pre ordered.

    The first greens are nearly done I expect to have the first Crusaders and Sikh Wars figures on the website and moulded by weekend, then the rest to follow asap, so those of you waiting as I requested to see the first figures will get an e mail. I have already decided on the next ranges for July they will be 15mm Napoleon in Egypt and 15mm WW1, our designer pulled me into this, but as my grandfather fought in the trenches showing outstanding valour and decorated twice, and  like all the men involved hero's I couldn't let the Anniversary go without some involvement.

    Don't forget the shows are starting and S & A Scenics will be at Cardiff and York shows not only carrying there excellent terrain but our 15mm Battle Packs, so go and chat to him

   So thanks again for the support, thanks for the ideas and a special thanks to all who supplied painted figures for the site, we cannot paint everything  so these pics help fellow gamers see the figures in a game setting. So short and sweet as I have a new set of Pulse of battle to read, and then 2 28mm armies to paint, I'm thinking Republican Roman and Carthaginian as a match pair


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