24th February 2014

    Another week and we are rushing towards the first show of the year we have re stocked the racks, booked the vans and sorting the pre orders, but there is still loads to do, we are re doing the catalogue to include the new stuff done and the up and coming ranges. s regard those ranges we are working hard and there will be a flurry of new greens on the site in the next 2-3 weeks, a slight delay due to family bereavements, so we are extending the cut of from the end of this month up to the 10th March 2014 for pre orders  as we want everyone to see as many as possible to see the range development.

    We are also adding Peter Pig figures to our Designer Army painting service saving you money when you buy the figures through us at our unbeatable rates, thanks to Martin for making this possible for us to use his excellent 15mm figures

    Don't forget that if you want to pre order any S and A Scenics for WMMMs on the 9th March Simon has put a cut off date of this Friday 28th Feb. to enable him time to pack  the order up, but if you don't know what you want pop along we will have  a stock of most of his excellent scenery range sure we can tempt you.

    I'm looking forward to getting back to the shows to find out what you want and if we can add those little extras to our range you would like.

    That's it for a few days while I'm rushing around prepping for the shows and working on the new releases



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