9th June 2014

    At last the moulds from Blaze Away  are on there way and release of there quality miniatures is only a couple of weeks away,  that is good news itself but the list of New figures by Lancashire Games are also due in the next few weeks, 28mm Marlburian, 28mm Carlist Wars and our 15mm Crusader range is only a few codes off completion and the 15mm Sikh Wars complete for the end of June no wonder we have all been busy, but there is more the first of our 15mm WW1 figures will be available and we will be offering a massive 25% on pre orders.

   The shows we attend for the first half of the year are coming to a close with Phalanx on Saturday 14th in St Helens, the shows have thrown up some surprises from better attendances to a show in a tent - the first in 30 years of doing shows - I am old, lol .

   I am also reminded of a promise I made in my youth to attend the 2015 Waterloo  re enactment and a promise to Chris Durkin of the 21st Ligne to take part, so it looks like two friends and me are going to go, watch this space, think I would rather watch and photograph but lets see. As a Napoleonic fanatic since I was able to read and my book collection now having at least a couple of thousand volumes on the great man and his battles it is a once in a life time to attend and I am eager to be there, and spend a few days roaming the battlefield.

   Also after a bit of delay S & A Scenics and Lancashire Games are starting a new firm called Little Wars Miniatures, this will  concentrate on 10mm gaming, our first release is on the design table and as soon as we have the first few figures we will put the site online and there will be a pre production offer, the first release is going to be Foreign Legion and Arabs a Beau Geste thing, there will be stats for Blackpowder and hopefully  a fort and buildings to go with them, after that it will be Us/Mexican war, and that followed by Pony Wars /Us Cavalry and Indians, plus much more

  . I'm very excited about this and hopefully tying in buildings, rules/Stats and more special offers we hope its something that you will enjoy 



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