21st July 2014

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Its been a very busy few months we have lots of figures on the go and our sale has just come to an end. Thanks for the support and the ideas you passed on for additions we will be working on those soon.

First I must apologies for the delay in the 15mm Sikh wars the designer Martin has had a very serious accident and complications have led to operations and he is now in intensive care - I would like to wish him all the best in as quick a recovery as can be achieved and I'm sure you would wish him the same. To complete the range we have another designer working flat out to finish the bits and bobs in the next 2-3 weeks so please bear with us, there are only a handful of masters to complete in the coming weeks.

On happier news we have started work on our 15mm WW1 range part of a larger range spanning the conflict, your reaction has been great and I must admit the figures are better in the flesh so to speak, my photos don't do them justice. But the response has been so good that I am completing the second release lists and work plan for the Russian, Austrian and Serbians for the end of the year. Thanks to all those who have taken up the special pre release offer its great value, hopefully to show we do appreciate the support that you are giving us.

Over the next few months I'm hoping to have some very interesting releases for you a foray into 10mm on a bigger scale with a new company concentrating on 10mm with a first release of Foreign Legion and Arabs, in conjunction with another company we are hoping to offer a Sahara fort and adobe village, and there are more releases planned watch out for the mail shot and on TMP for the first greens going up soon.

So watch this space for big things in the next few months and hopefully we will have lots to tempt so any suggestions for expanding the ranges or adding enemies etc. let us know, I already know you want Montenegro troops  for WW1, will do our best ......