New 18mm Great Nothern War List

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Standard Packs



GNWR01 - Pike Advancing Kartus

GNWR02 - Pike ready/|Standing Kartus

GNWR03 - Musketeer Adv Kartus

GNWR04 - Musketeer Russian Firing line Kartus

GNWR05 - Musketeer Command Kartus

GNWR06 - Pike Advancing Tricorne

GNWR07 - Pike ready/standing Tricorne

GNWR08 - Musketeer Adv Tricorne

GNWR10 - Musketeer Firing line Tricorne

GNWR11 - Musketeer Command Tricorne

GNWR12 - Grenadier Advancing

GNWR13 - Grenadier Firing line

GNWR14 - Grenadier command

GNWR15 – Streltsi Marching

GNWR16 – Streltsi Advancing

GNWR20 - Art Crew

GNWR25 - Dragoons Advancing

GNWR26 - Dragoons Charging

GNWR27 - Dismounted Dragoons

GNWR28 - Horse Grenadiers

GNWR30 - Cavalry Command

GNWR35 - Don Cossacks

GNWR36 - Kalmyks Cossacks

GNWR40 - Generals



GNWS01 - Pike Advancing Karpus

GNWS02 - Pike at MarchingKarpus

GNWS03 - Pike Charging in Karpus

GNWS04 - Musketeer Advancing in Karus

GNWS05 - Musketeer Marching in Karpus

GNWS07 - Musketeer Command Karpus

GNWS08 - Pike Advancing Tricorne

GNWS09 - Pike at Marching Tricorne

GNWS10 - Pike Charging Tricorne

GNWS11 - Musketeer Adv Tricorne

GNWS12 - Musketeer Marching Tricorne

GNWS13 - Musketeer Command Tricorne

GNWS15 - Grenadier Charging Grenadier Mitre

GNWS16 - Musketeers Charging with sword Tricorne

GNWS17 - Grenadier Advancing Tricorne

GNWS18 - Grenadier Marching Tricorne

GNWS20 - Artillery

GNWS25 - Cavalry Charging

GNWS26 - Cavalry Advancing

GNWS27 - Cavalry command

GNWS35 - Generals

Battle Packs


GNBP100 - Russian Pike and Shot Advancing in Tricorne

GNBP101 - Russian Pike and Shot Marching in Tricorne

GNBP102 - Russian Pike and Shot Advancing in Kartus

GNBP103 - Russian Pike and Shot Marching in Kartus

GNBP104 – Streltsi

GNBP105 – Russian Advancing Dragoons

GNBP106 – Russian Charging Dragoons

GNBP107 – Don Cossacks

GNBP108 – Kalmyak Cossacks

ARP026 – Russian Artillery

GNBP115– Swedish Pike and Shot Advancing in Tricorne

GNBP116 – Swedish Pike and Shot Marching in Tricorne

GNBP117 – Swedish Pike and Shot Charging in Tricorne

GNBP118 – Swedish Pike and Shot Advancing in Karpus

GNBP119 – Swedish Pike and Shot Marching in Karpus

GNBP121 – Swedish Heavy Cavalry/ Dragoons Advancing

GNBP122– Swedish Heavy Cavalry/ Dragoons Charging


ARP025 -Swedish Artillery 




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