Steve O Connor - 15mm Napoleonic Gallery

Steve has bought loads of 15mm figures and kindly sent the following Napoleonic collection, have a look at the Revolutionary War and 19th Century folders. I cant wait to see the Biblical and others he has bought............

Russian Generals

French Léger

Russian Grenadiers

Russian Jagers

Russian Uhlans

Russian Horse Artillery battery

Russian Dragoons Mounted and Foot Dragoons

Russian Bashkir's using our Eastern Renaissance Tartars

Russian Kuirassiers

Russian Loubny Hussars

Russian Kuirassier ( Garde )

Russian Kuirassier Brigade

More Bashkir's ( the foot are from our Mongol range)

Bashkir's showing an armoured cavalry from our Mongol range, Eastern Ren Cossacks even some Hun and Goth figs a very diverse set of figs to give the very nice Irregular look

Russian Soumi Hussars

 Russian Hussars

 Russian Hussars

 Prussian Infantry Assault

 Bavarian Chevau-Leger

 Prussian Line


 Prussian Infantry painted as the Fusilier Battalion and Shutzen (Jager)

 Polish Chasseurs a cheval


Polish Krakus using Russian Cossacks quite effective

 Prussian Uhlans / Landwehr Cavalry

 Polish Infantry Battalion

 Polish Infantry battalion

 Prussian Uhlans

 Prussian Landwehr Infantry Battalions

 More Prussian Landwehr

 Closer Look at the officer

 Milan Foot Guards using our Nassau figures


 French Marine Infantry 1813 using our Revolutionary figures

  French Marine Infantry 1813



Italian Foot Artillery

 Italian Line Infantry

Italian Light ( Léger) Infantry

 Polish Kuirassier (Using the French Cuirassier Figures)


Polish Hussars

 a close up of the Italian Line Battalion

 Polish Uhlans


Polish Infantry


 Polish Artillery


 French In Greatcoat Advancing


French Generals


More Great coated Infantry

Prussian Reservists in British Shako

Italian Line move in to assault

Prussian Kuirassier

Milan Guard again with a Revolutionary Austrian Kuirassier as an Officer

Prussian Fusiliers and Jager

Prussian Uhlan












































































































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